Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sony PS3 Amimono Teaser Site: What is it?

Sony Japan has launched a website for a new game, but Amimono teaser page does not give much away. We thought we would see what the word "amimono" means, we have to learn that the Japanese were surprised to weave.
You understand my confusion often you will visit, we clearly with a ball of yarn can see a mob boss, but she's not knitting, crocheting is it. I can not understand why such a thing must be a gangster?

According to the Examiner Shui Ta, games will be announced at Tokyo Game Show, and you will see a countdown on the page, which currently stands at 4 days and 19 hours. I would be on your vacation, but my best hotel to get your computer to view the game is about - only if I can get away from the pool.

Looking at the teaser page, although we can expect something dark and ominous, yes crocheting in the mafia boss, but he has two big goons standing in her favor. Amimono you think about?

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