Friday, September 3, 2010

Google doodle celebrates 25th anniversary of buckyball

Google in India, its 12:00 and we wonder "Hey converted into a buckyball, and that explains a lot of Google Doodle 25th anniversary of the buckyball. Buckyball homepage logo of Google search engine is spinning a yellow ball in the middle of the Google logo appears and then makes a buckyball .. Buckyball desktoy also amazing that keeps you busy and entertained.
According to the website Nerdum you get your answer that "NASA's Spitzer telescope out here.The site states what astronomers have discovered buckyballs are meeting for the first time in space can call buckyballs.

Fullerenes are also known as Buckyballs, carbon geometric patterns similar to those found on soccer balls with the molecules are arranged in a spherical shape. The architect Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome and his (that designs are named after Orlando, FL at the giant golf ball at Epcot).
Buckyballs and quantum dots are two nanotools useful in medicine. A Bucky ball a soccer ball-shaped molecule that is 1 nanometer wide.
Doctors use gene therapy to the buckyballs and quantum dots can send genes into human cells.

Buckyball your Google doodle for today dedicated Google

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