Friday, October 29, 2010

Police should join IGNOU: Kiran Walia

Police personnel Indira Gandhi National Open University MA (IGNOU) to join the program in counseling and family therapy more "empathetic" should be, Kiran Walia, Delhi's Health Minister said Friday.

"Counseling is effective for a great system now that has been used to wear as a family unit. Therefore, there is a greater need for more trained counselors., Walia said that I would advise police personnel ( program) and more empathetic to join it. "

The newly launched M and Post Graduate Diploma Counselling and family therapy is being jointly Disability Studies and the School of Continuing Education by the National Center for Integrated Programme in IGNOU.

Two-day orientation program about 70 IGNOU from around the country attended by the program coordinator.

Vice-Chancellor of IGNOU V.N. Rajasekharan Pillai said: "If any institution in the country wants to start a program like this, in every possible way to IGNOU will be more than willing to help."

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