Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh, Sh*t. 'Work of Art' Tests Boundaries

Oh, Sh*t. 'Work of Art' Tests Boundaries
Miles, the subject of much discussion, finally got a good night's sleep after Judith's elimination. She scared us all, Miles. Simon takes them to see a gallery of Andres Serano's work, photography known for its shock value. Menstrual blood, a crucifix in piss, conjoined twins, plenty to make anyone squirm. They get to meet Serrano, and Erik feels like he's finally understood (why?).
I agree with some of the artists, though, I'm not so sure about art for the sake of being shocking. I'm pretty sure some non-art will come out of this. And a lot of genitalia.
Erik claims that "shock art" is his genre, and is working on a piece about priests molesting children. Mark is working with molestation too. Okay.

Along the same lines, Miles is creating a Mickey Mouse head out of genitalia, based on his first erection, courtesy of Ursula when she turns into Vanessa in The Little Mermaid. That is a great erection story (Simon later revealed that his first was from a Renoir). Speaking of Ursula, Nao is not as much of a villain as she started out to be.
I'll be honest, John's portrait made me uncomfortable. And I can't even think about how Miles "finished" his piece.

But speaking of shock: double elimination! Sad. I really don't hate anyone. This challenge is making me a little sick, though, and there's room to mess up big. Once again, Work of Art proves that artists aren't the best spellers (you couldn't spell "fellatio," John?). Nao's performance piece was (I think?) her rubbing a bag of poo on herself.

Jamie Lynn's piece didn't shock anyone, least of all the judges. Erik also didn't do well (too bad so sad). John's piece didn't go over well, but I want him to stay. The judges liked Jaclyn's bathroom portraits but didn't credit Erik for his idea of the viewer graffiti. Get spiky, Erik!
The judges didn't care for Nao's performance art, but Andres Serrano loved it and gave it a new light. The judges also liked Abdi's black head I.E.D.s.

Jaclyn and Erik got into it while the judges were discussing the pieces, but it was the least shocking moment of the night. I would love to see Erik go home, and probably Jamie Lynn while we're at it.

Abdi won, and I was glad because he didn't go sexual and he seems really cool. In the shock of the night, the judges sent John and Nao home (what?!). That is a real bummer, especially after hearing John talk about how badly he didn't want to go home all episode. In an unfortunate, but ironic, turn of phrase, John tells us, "I think I was trying to please Andres Serrano and not myself in this challenge."

Were you shocked? Who do you think should have won? Who should have gone home?

Come back tomorrow to see the rankings (based on shock value) of tonight's pieces!

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