Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Will Bailey's Ben Be Back on 'Grey's Anatomy'?

Will Bailey's Ben Be Back on 'Grey's Anatomy'?
He was absent on the gut-wrenching season finale of Grey's Anatomy in May, not to mention his standing commitment on the upcoming Shonda Rhimes product Off the Map, but Jason George's role as Bailey's (Chandra Wilson) boyfriend Ben on Grey's is not necessarily over, says Wilson herself.
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"How many of us go through long-term relationships that end and then you have to sit there and figure out what to do now," he tells TV Guide. "That's her journey. It was about that discovery and how it will change her personality."

But whatever happens, she says, that relationship, the first for Bailey in a long while and a source of comfort for Grey's Anatomy fans who like seeing the Nazi happy for a change, is "important" for her character's growth.

Rhimes had previously addressed Ben's absence in the finale, explaining that he was, simply, not working that day. It was a more eventful day for Bailey, who had to pretend to be a nurse to avoid getting shot, then try to keep a dying Charles alive, to no avail.

"There was a great debate in the writers' room that we should have Bailey say something about Ben not working," she said. "And I felt like, no, we only see Ben sporadically as it is. He's not at work that day. And I didn't want to spend time -- because we have so little of it and I had to leave 18 minutes on the cutting room floor -- chatting about where Ben was. I felt like you knew Ben wasn't there because you didn't see him there."

She did warn that "there's going to [fallout] about that later."

George's upcoming gig Off the Map is not too different from Grey's Anatomy. It's a medical drama set in a clinic somewhere deep in the South American jungle. He plays Otis Cole, the right hand of the clinic's founder Ben Keeton (Martin Henderson).

Whether George can swing double duty on Grey's and Off the Map, we will find out this fall.

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