Sunday, July 25, 2010

Advanced Air Defence interceptor missile successfully test-fired

Advanced Air Defence

Inti extracted with a fitted higher Air Defence division interceptor bullet that can obliterate opponent arms in the prospect achievement of the examination with the included Test variety at Wheeler Island in Orissa on the east shore on Monday.

"Interceptor projectile replica tallness 15 km," says manager of included Test variety SP Das.

Miehe Defence source in SA we pay out a. ER stay awaiting mid-March 2010 Air era I say no at the last miniature since a shape of of the question.

Tinted on a missile protection scheme, customized CC build "Prithvi" Forst go to the Air movable Launcher it open
at Chandipur-on-Sea.

Notes later interceptor projectile to receive signal from enemy arms right absent react plus abhorrence of the labor of Wheeler Saar pay notice to a height of 30 km into the air in surplus of the Bay of Bengal off the Orissa shore.

Seven meter long "ALD" interceptor projectile is a single-stage hard rocket ready with an inertial navigation scheme plus hi-tech processor plus electronic information might be a link to the full manages of the RADAR source supposed.

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