Monday, February 7, 2011

Amazon Eve World’s Tallest Model


Have you ever heard of Amazon’s Eve? Born in Turlock, CA, 31-year-old Eve Amazon is 6’8 “tall, making it the world’s top model. Because of his height, it is actually considered a” plus size “model.

At 6'8", Amazon Eve is one tall drink of water. The Guiness Book of World Records certified "World's Tallest Model" (who also makes money working as a dominatrix) was at the Playboy Mansion for a party last week where "the bunnies sized me up and treated my body like a stripper pole!"

Amazon Eve first got her big concert modeling when she was featured on the cover of “Zoo Weekly” in November 2009.

Before breaking into the world of modeling, she worked as a fitness trainer. She now travels worldwide and has been in many magazines.

After creating a small stir when she appeared on the cover of an Australian tabloid photographed to a mere slip of a gal, Eve is ready to parlay her small amount of fame into something bigger. She tells FOX411 that she would be a "perfect Bond villain" (and admittedly it would be fun to see her snap a couple Bond girls in two).


Although most people believe that there is something high to envy, there are some issues specific height that people encounter during the. Amazon’s Eve, the Americans with Disabilities Act, disabled. Tall individuals as Amazon threshold can be considered “disabled” when exit signs are too low or doorways of the buildings are too short, for example.

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