Friday, February 4, 2011

Kacey Jordon Says Charlie Sheen Has Gold Teeth

Kacey Jordon

Star pornography is now linked with Charlie Sheen, Kacey orders reveals a secret about it. By Kacey orders, Dan Charlie Sheen in particular are gold, and put a dental device made himself presentable person. Kacey orders also confirmed drug habit Charlie Sheen's.

All teeth are falling out of the party. She kept saying they ... porcelain teeth fouez. said it was the gold teeth. Most of his teeth fell out, he would not say why but we all know it there because of drugs, "said Kacey orders in radionline.

Kacey Jordon
Charlie Sheen had spent his last day before going to REHAB and Kacey orders revealed much about himself it. He said that he conscious of the fact that alcohol and her drug habit will make him suffer the loss of teeth. Kacey has also revealed that he used to hijack this very fact, but even after many attempts he could not come from drugs.

Dr. Edward M. Feinberg confirmed that drug abuse can lead to tooth loss, but it can not reason only. The reason that other people who had lost teeth can be serious medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, smoking and dogs. Charlie Sheen who now is in REHAB trying to rid his habit.

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