Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cars 2[review]

Cars 2
I asked my 9 year old neighbor if he wanted to join us at the Cars preview here in Charlotte N.C., “No thanks. That movie is for babies!” He proudly stated as he watched yet another episode of Invader Zim at my house. “Come on” my 7 year old son prompts, “My mom and dad always buys the large popcorn!!!!”. With a smile on his face my neighbor gets sucked in with the promise of a large popcorn and free refills.

Like my little neighbor, I thought the cars movie was going to be for “babies” too. To both of our surprise, the movie opened up with quite a surprising 007 style, quickly letting both of us know that CARS had grown up with it’s original audience. The children who were introduced to CARS in 2006, were as my neighbor put it, just little kids, introduced to the small town of Radiator Springs. The writers understood that those kids are now into Transformers and Star Wars, and had to give them something to rival that level of action.

Cars2 goes global, taking your now big kids on a beautiful 3D European tour, through London, Paris, Tokyo and Italy. In true Pixar tradition, they weave a strong environmental message into the script. When Lightning McQueen is challenged to enter a race to determine the fastest car in the world, Allinoil, a new clean oil is introduced to the cars.

While McQueen is the star on the track, Mater is the real star of the movie. Mater takes us on a fun 007 type ride that is filled with lots of laughter and a bit of suspense. Mater is mistaken as an international spy, gets a hot girlfriend, and teaches McQueen and the audience a lesson in true friendship. If you’re expecting the same ride as Cars, don’t. The citizens of Radiator Springs are delightfully growing up just like my son and our neighbor. They get into all types of trouble, blow things up and learn lessons along the way.

BTW it’s not a MUST see in 3D, but it was nice. If your pocket can take the raise in price it would be a nice treat, but its not a 3D must.

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