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Jai Hind College

Marine Drive is a great little place, and stir in the opposite direction a few steps away from Churchgate station, stands Jai Hind College. It is an institution that prides itself in its constant quest for innovation. An 'A' grade accreditation, the college consistently rated with

Study programs, extracurricular activities and events related to the seminars, conferences and students involved in projects that offer great alternatives. Last year, Martin Luther King III, Ruth Padel (Charles Darwin's great great granddaughter), and dignitaries including RK Pachauri has visited campus to speak on relevant issues in their areas.

Jai Hind College, A Road, Churchgate is located at 1948, a small band of teachers in the DJ Sind College, Karachi was established by the work.

Jai Hind College
College of Arts and Science College initially started as. After several new courses and subjects offered.

Elphinstone College Library Hall College was formally inaugurated in September 1948. In early 1949, the principal TM

Peddar Advani as a nucleus for a science college service road 'Goolshan' arranged for the house. At this stage, Bhagwansingh B. Advani, Basantsing Anil Dharmada sole trustee of the trust, Rs 1,25,000, a princely sum in those days, stepped in with a donation. In response to his wish, the college was named Jai Hind College and Institute of Science Basantsing.

It is uncomfortable to the College of Arts and Science faculties were five miles away had been proven. Morarji Desai, the then Revenue Minister of Bombay in a prominent place, finally approved, the Home was "A" Road, Backbay Reclamation to build on a plot of Jai Hind College. Being close to Churchgate railway station, easily accessible from the suburbs found that college students now.

NW Shivdasani, director of college professor, now caters to college students over the 5000 to oversee the work.
USP: College offers Bachelor of Science, Arts, Commerce, BAF, BFM, BBI, BMS and BMM Bachelor of Science degree.

College for continued modernization of its infrastructure, efforts to upgrade its facilities, and facilities, which provide a modern and developed that are relevant to the Institute. College has always had a huge auditorium. A couple of years ago, with the improved acoustics and a sophisticated sound system was renovated. The air-conditioned and computerized library (with internet and multimedia features) and audiovisual center to try to manage with the changing needs of students give examples.

Moment an annex building, with seven floors of the art facilities will be constructed. When the building comes up, new courses will be added to the college, including an MBA program.

College offers water coolers on each floor, and offers affordable for students and staff is a photocopy.
Recently it has set up new computers and biotechnology laboratories. It has added a new cafeteria in the open air to complement the old canteen, and his small but comfortable to sit on campus is provided.

Cells and Clubs
While each department of English society as a society, History Association, the Psychology Society and so on, there are also very active cross-departmental committees. The literary and debating society, the National Entrepreneurship Network E-cell and among others include social and Drama Association. Seminars for students to explore these societies, organizing conferences and other related activities.

On campus

Study Room: This air-conditioned room adjacent to the library for quiet study.

Canteen: A well maintained canteen where you get a variety of food items to choose from. Dosa sandwich menu, and Frankies are popular favorites.

Cafeteria: hangout for students between classes and (for a virtual tour of campus, www to log on.).

Get the inside track to the Jai Hind College
Principal: Dr. Kirti Narain, Principal, "We make the theoretical practical subjects - our methods are based on project-based and field studies. Students often learn a lot through the seminar."
The principal to listen to a podcast, log on)

Rupa Shah,
Former Vice Chancellor, SNDT University

Henna Mirchandani, FYJC Arts
"I love that it is about the Hind Jai is very alive - there is always something happening on campus, a celebration, a symposium, a conference, to participate in the talent quotient is something here, too, so What's more, gauging from the number of trophies we inter-college fests get back!

Also, the crowd is friendly, and you really do not feel like a newcomer when you come to college. Everyone is here to rein in some activity or another, you create a great platform for the most of your interests. Offers so many different streams of study in the college, the crowd is diverse.

About teacher-student relationship is informal, and teachers are well qualified, to teach well, but are open to suggestions and debate.They are very approachable.

Jai Hind, a small building also offers a lot of features. There is a huge library, and is fully-equipped laboratories. Some of the new classrooms are air-conditioned, and all classes have projectors and conferencing facilities. There are around the college is a lot as well, so you'll never be bored! Although it is a small campus, there is a place that you never miss the space around is so much buzz. "

Suggestion Box
"This is a huge complex will help '

Mustafa Dohadwala, TYBCom
Jai Hind There are a lot of activity so many extra curriculars in campus clubs and events, which is a big deal with holding. However, it would be nice if we had to have more space to hang out, because it is a bit crowded.
Hopefully, the problem is resolved once the new building should be up and running.

Priyanka Rajpal, Jai Hind College at
5 Favorite TV Shows

1. Friends who may not have been up with friends. They're like real people, and like it is next door. Re-runs are still funny!

2. Family guy completely different from all other shows - it's like the Simpsons, but edgier - and the characters are really cute!

3. A classic comedy series, everyone's favorite TV family Simpsons. Re-invention - for me the style of animation.

4. To me a show about a polygraph examiner Lie solve mysteries. Not only had me on tenterhooks, but how to tell when people have learned a lot about lying!

5. A lighter version of Scrubs Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs take place against the background of an acute hospital, but goes beyond the profession. You sharp, funny writing with real people, shows.

Aishwarya Rai, John Abraham, Ajay Piramal, Dr Kulin Kothari, Atul Kasbekar, Sanjay Verma, Sonakshi Sinha, Tina Ambani

2010 Cut-offs
Art: 78.36
Science: 88.18%
87.09%: Commerce

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