Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Social networking service on the Google project| Google Inc.

Taking on Facebook, the Internet search giant Google on Wednesday for a dynamic social networking social networking space is that so far the Zuckerberg - the share was dominated by efforts of Mark as part of the popular "Google Earth Plus, as a service unveiled its version of the site.

Finally, the social networking efforts will be taken to the Google Earth + lid - a project that is "difficult" and "solid" for online communication and distribution of "subtlety and real interactive object" designed to bring.

+ Google not bring back the missing person, sometimes the aims of the aspects of sharing online. Watch the video below, and excerpt from the announcement of this project. New Market, according to recent reports, Google and some networks such as Facebook is trying to remove the vulnerabilities, according to the official Google blog.
", Google + project through, we want to bring nuance richness of the distribution of software and real-life" Gundotra said.

Plus is available as a Google Android application store will be on an operating system based mobile phones.

Starting as a field trial of the service that some "rough edges" and invited by the project, which is more widely available in the future can be expected.

Other social networks like Twitter, as you + your position with Google, you can mark your posts for the project. But more interesting, but the actual allocation of facility time to add photos to Google's sky + Mobile smartphones. Google + will be fully integrated in the device, the phone using the basic features (GPS, cameras, etc.) to create a mobile Google + experience. Circle, and you can send messages all the time approx. They are only available for the Android Market right now, but Google promises to the Apple iTunes App Store Release coming soon.

Mother's Circle by Google Facebook user information by default features in which a large number of their colleagues in his or her friends and acquaintances, rather than just close personal friends of his, with shared goals.

"The problem today is fast food in a friendly online services continue to 'friend' - in each of the wrapping paper and sharing that really suffer," Gundotra said.

Calling this, "sloppy, horror and sensitive" Google of people want to connect at certain times of only a few people, while saying that "online, all we hear from all of the time."

Among the most basic human needs need to communicate with others. Smile, A Laugh, A Whisper or Cheer, we connect people to each other. "Is, Google's web expertise to you, Sparks from around the web offers a feed of the most infectious material," the company said. "Item if you want more than 40 languages. Just put your interest and you will always be something to see, read, and just the right circle to share with friends."

We want to bring the actual allocation of software and richness pedasamanthi used. We will include your interests in your relationship and want to make it better by Google. And so begins the Google project. Google + is restricted to field trials. They are a small number of people, but Google says it was not long before they were prepared for each project. We will cover the development of a regular basis.

Users also have contacts with the "Saturday Night to your friends," "information such as your parents, share and create groups," and "you can circle the boss of your own - like real life."

Facebook, in contrast, Google's new service will also let users to video chat with multiple friends simultaneously.

Other 'Sparks' is a feature to read articles and view videos, users indicate an interest dependent.

The "Huddle" feature lets users with a variety of people texting as a group, send text messages.

More than 600 million users worldwide, Facebook and Google deal is tough competition.

More and more users on Facebook and Facebook on Google advertisers who have successfully lured the time of writing, a trend that Google sees as a potential risk.

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