Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stephen Colbert Grills Jack White, Hosts Florence and the Machine

Stephen Colbert
This week, the hardest working man in rock 'n' roll is Stephen Colbert.

He hosted Bon Iver on Monday's episode of 'The Colbert Report,' and on Tuesday, he aired the first episode of a multi-part segment called '2011: A Rock Odyssey,' in which he visited Jack White's Third Man Records headquarters in Nashville. He also found time to welcome Florence and the Machine for a web-only interview and two-song performance (watch her discuss how she was discovered in a bathroom, courtesy of AOL TV).

As Colbert revealed, he wanted to meet with White so he could revive his singing career, or as he put it, "turn a has-been into a has-is." They bantered over White's integrity, their favorite Bob Seger songs and how the former White Stripes frontman should be selling his songs for product placement, turning the riff of 'Seven Nation Army' into a yogurt-hawking antehm of "yums." Check out the interview and a clip of Florence performing 'Dog Days Are Over' below.

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