Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon | Transformers 3 Review

Transformers 3
See the latest Transformers movie today, two splosions role, and the launch, I am lucky enough to catch a screening of the movie last night!

I was only the first and second Transformersmovies (2007 and 2009) were low, but we are not fare as well as other critics.

'Dark Moon' solid Popcorn Flick, and two of three of the Transformers' is a great ending.
Optimus is a real bad - I (a 30 minute epic film) is a good mother, but Sam and welcome to see the true character of worn out. Hopefully in a few years around the reboot, we need to work with the Transformers in cultured human characters.
This 3D movie was the best - certainly it is an additional $ 3, or pay for. The film is very old friend of Sam's mother, Josh ("Life as We Know It") Duhamel, Jon ("2 car") Turturro, an actor or a small role, Tyrese Gibson as a military commander as ("Fast Five") is , Decepticons as Patrick (TV Mom "Mother Mother Grey Anatomy") is a friend of his mother as a person interested in Sam, Dempsey and the man is not the evil Decepticons. Francis ("Burn After Reading"), a top government official McDormand; addition, bizarre, and John Malkovich (the mother company, the new owner of a strange connection to the computer (2 "hangover"), Ken Jeong Decepticons VP Office for the mother) is a "secretariat" of the example. Listers, I was surprised to see many of the film, and if their parts are small (especially compared to the mother LaBeouf), who all had their role very well.

Also, if your children are planning to see this movie, I would seriously think twice. Mom thought this film was very violent time, human beings face in some shots that I used to get caught in the Crossfire. So the 5 years before taking a careful look.

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