Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DJ Cheb i Sabbah Cancer Fundraiser

DJ Cheb i Sabbah
DJ Cheb i Sabbah and his sacred music club Incredible Hulk has been known for a fusion rate. Joshua Jacobs of the kundalini sense our list of remixes on the tour, their first contact is the name of the DJ.

Chebiji have a heavy heart that I heard recently that Joshua stage 4 colon cancer had been diagnosed with the San Francisco General Hospital.

Recently, our dear friend and leader in Cheb I Sabbah Playing with stage 4 colon cancer in the San Francisco General Hospital were diagnosed. He was advised that the cancer had spread to his liver and left lung. Without immediate and proper treatment, Prognosis is very serious. The word "weeks, perhaps months," were his close friends and family there to support it as heartbreaking news veryo group received repeated.

Like many Americans, "Chebiji" - it is affectionately known - not health insurance. Private health insurance is astronomically expensive and difficult to treat the most basic public health insurance fund in the state - and it does so only if you qualify. Chebiji poor health status of their own to cancel the show, which means that your income stream to the mounting medical bills and future medical expenses have been prior to a full stop, may be due.

The state of learning, and artists with a few close friends were fighting with them to rally around and help Chebiji.

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