Saturday, July 9, 2011

Emraan's Murder 2 Has Great Start Over the Salman's Chillar Party

Although the usual buzz and hype of the Bhatt-Emraan car apparently seemed to be missing (though musically!) Delh abdomen and one week old was expected to more than a formidable opponent, a good start in less than 10 crore MURDER 2 increased trade and the media as a surprise.
As indicated in the inputs, the murder 2 went to two collections of 55-65, and 80 percent, more-Delhi-UP, East Punjab and Gujarat. In fact, the film picked up further during the rest of the year shows. If the economy to trade songs already proclaimed the film's success, and it's not really a surprise, since the first day was only slightly less than last week DELHI stomach. And this may be due to the vagaries of weather Mumbai city and suburbs.
Another version of the same week, CHILLAR PARTY, although the performance of Salman and Ranbir, is washed up, and not even one week to complete some theaters. Because the older version, DELHI BELLY has been able to the first week of the good lattice 36.50 crore stomach from India making it the third-best week of the year after the attack (70 crore) and the DOUBLE DHAMAAL (37 crores) . Even Amitabh Bachchan's BUDDAH... HOGA TERRA BAAPis reasonably successful in the first week of about 11 crores plus, it's very deserving given DELHI abdomen wave, and a rather dull first day of the weak.

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