Saturday, July 9, 2011

Facebook : This is a Good time Of Skype

MySpace (remember them?) Founder Tom Anderson is a battle of ideas in their social network, Facebook, and a new candidate, cited engine Google.Anderson Facebook announcement last week that they will add a Skype video chat. According to, Anderson said MySpace was one on one video chat room in 2004, and was a Skype video calls from the 2007th
"People were not ready for it, so now is the time, and FB's user base," Anderson reports said.CNN Facebook Skype version is the "call" button at the top of users' profile pages. Click on it or find some new "friends list" on the right page, Facebook users have visual conversations webcams. Facebook added a new service to millions of users on Wednesday and plans to add more space.
The New York Times points out that Facebook will not allow more than two involved in video conferencing. Skype is a chat group, but users will pay $ 9 a month. Facebook does not warn users that some computers may be a hardware or software compatibility problems service.Tom Anderson's last post was the first MySpace Mars.
In his Facebook page, which seems wrong, he said. "I joined MySpace in 2003 he sold in 2005 News Corp. for $ 580 million to run it, and I stayed there until April 2009 is now the new owner News Corp. bought MySpace page I'm not a fan of the new MySpace, even though the team's heart was in the right place. Maybe the new owner has good ideas. "According to, take Skype risky to expand its user base. Get access to Facebook's 750 million Skype users will increase, which is about 170 million regular users.Skype also considering a charge from Facebook, like the ability to call any phone using Facebook.

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