Friday, July 8, 2011

Hoe to make Perfect Lips?

Perfect Lips
Everyone wishes for that perfect shape of the lips. But even slight imperfections can cause great distress. Never mind, this little problem could be solved very easily. What you need to do is just know the right way to create great-looking lips in no time. Here we are with the steps to create the perfect lip design:
Required: Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Lip Pencil and Lip brush.
Outline your lips perfectly by following the below:
  • First of all dot your lips with the help of a lip pencil at some main points such as at the edge of each corner on either side of the upper lip. Then add two more dots, one at each of the twin peaks (the crests) at the center of the upper lip.
  • Once you have dotted the main points then connect all the dots. Start with connecting the dot on each corner up to the dot on the crest on the same side. After that connect the dots on the crests together. Thus you will complete outline of the upper lip.
  • Now it is turn of the lower lip. Start outlining from the middle of your lower lip, lining outward three-quarters of the way to the corners of the lower lips. And then stop when you are about to get to the corners.
  • After that it is time to fill in the lips with lipstick or lip-gloss. With the help of your lip brush apply the color evenly. Blend any visible edges of your lip pencil line with lipstick. You should use your lip brush to apply and blend the lip color.

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