Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HTC Violations Its Patents : Apple Alleges


Popular mobile manufacturer HTC is the last to have got its head stuck under the ax from Apple. In a complaint filed with the U.S.International Trade Commission brought charges against Appleover its patented HTC iPhone and iPhone. In the complaint,although a copy of the same was not available, it was learned that the USITC Apple approached with allegations of infringement offive patents by HTC.

According to the complaint filed on 8 July, 2011, HTC infringementof patents relating to software architecture and user interfaces inportable electronic devices, touchscreens' hardware and motionsensors, among others, Apple shapes are "disruptive technology".If it floats ruling in favor of Apple, as U.S. ITC to look at the complete ban on imports of HTC products.

Apple had launched a similar case with the U.S. ITC against HTC,the sentence that is expected to arrive around August 5 this year.Observers, however, believe that this move by Apple is caused by competition from players like HTC, Samsung, Motorola and the smart phone and tablet atmosphere.

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