Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Is Nancy Grace The Media Face Of Casey Anthony's Trial?

Since the beginning, when Caylee Marie Anthony was just a missing child - HLN's Nancy Grace has been covering this case with a definite negative slant toward Casey Anthony. In fact, Nancy Grace is better known for referring to Casey as "tot mom" rather than by her real name. I have thought for years now, that when most people here the name Casey Anthony the next two things that come to their mind are "child killer" and "Nancy Grace".

Whether she wants the title of being the media face of the Casey Anthony case or not - Nancy Grace is the one person, outside of the courtroom, most people think about. So what will Nancy Grace do when the Casey Anthony murder trial ends? My guess is that she will find another story that is similar in nature and begin covering it. However, it will be a long time before another case as popular as this one comes along.

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