Friday, July 8, 2011

Jacqueline Fernandez break up with Bahraini prince

Jacqueline Fernandez break up with Bahraini prince
Bollwood actress Jacqueline Fernandez who is fame and mark her space in bollywood very slowly ended her two-year relationship with her Bahrain Boyfriend. The grapevine is abuzz with the news that she call it quits with Sheikh Hassan bin Rashid Al Khalifa, a prince from Bahrain and much to the delight of all you pursuers of the ‘beauty’, Jacqueline Fernandez is single again.
The break-up happened a few weeks ago when Hassan confronted her about the rumours of her link-up with director Sajid Khan.
Talking to daily, a source said, "It is not just that. There are several factors at play here. Jackie has distanced herself from the prince over time. They were in a long distance relationship, which wasn`t the best scenario. Earlier she would make time for him, but suddenly she became ambitious about her career in films and that became a priority. It almost seemed like he was the only one interested in keeping this relationship alive."
Reportedly, Hassan never stopped her from signing films. "He was always supportive of her work, but she was the one to put the relationship on the backburner. They planned to get engaged but Jackie`s attitude changed. It was evident she was no longer interested in him”, added the source.
Apparently their last meeting ended in an argument when she told him that her career meant more to her at this point than the relationship. After that day, she never took his calls nor replied to text messages.
The source said, "Their close friends know about the break-up. Hassan doesn`t want to talk about it because he wants to keep it private. He has let Jackie go and doesn`t want to be bitter over the separation."
The source, however, stressed that Jackie`s closeness to Sajid Khan isn`t the reason for the split. "She made the decision to end her relationship with Hassan early on. During that time she got very close to Sajid, but he isn`t responsible for them parting ways." Will they get back together? "No. Hassan and Jackie are done for good," says the source.

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