Monday, July 4, 2011

Keep PM Under Lokpal, Judiciary Out: BJP

BJP on Monday began Lokpal holes in the draft Bill, therefore, dismissed the government and the details of the legislation was first revealed in his thoughts.

Senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley favored bringing Lokpal PM covered by some riders, I wanted it to be held to a higher court, claiming that the selection panel Lokpal draft was in favor of the government and threw the suggested criteria and removal mechanism.
BJP silent on the content of the draft circulated by the team, Anna. This is despite the fact that hazar and his team had a long meeting with BJP top brass last week, seeking support for a political party.

LK Advani and Jaitley in his article written in his blog highlighting a popular PM, under the purview of Lokpal. Both noted that the NDA government in 2001 Lokpal Bill had done. Noting that the Anti-Corruption Law does not provide immunity PM, Jaitley said: "The principle of Caesars woman is no doubt require more stringent PM standards."

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