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Latest Top 10 Mobile companies in India.

Nothing has revolutionized the modern generation of mobile phones, so India.They has become an indispensable part of our lives and we just can not do without them.To to meet the growing demand for mobile phone companies have come up with a wide range of products in the later times.Revenues of Indian mobile phone market grew 15 percent to touch Rs 33,171 crore (RS 331.71 billion), 2010-11 pp 28897 crore (RS 288.97 billion) a year back.The 16th Voice & Data annual survey covered all the Mobile phone companies operating in India across categories such as feature phones, multimedia phones, business phones and cell phone smartphones.Both multi-national and Indian companies were interviewed for this report.

1: Nokia

Turnover: £ 12,929 crore (RS 129.29 billion). The company showed a growth of 0.2 percent more than Rs 12,900 crore (RS 129 billion) in 2009, he made it 10.Nokia Corporation is a Finnish multinational.Headquartered Keila Niemi, Espoo, Nokia has over 132,000 employees in 120 countries, and sold more than 150 countries

2: Samsung

Revenues: Rs 5,720 crore (RS 57.2 billion). Samsung recorded 21.7 percent growth in turnover of Rs 4,700 crore (RS 47 billion) in 2009-10.The Samsung Group is a multinational conglomerate company with headquarters in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea.Samsung employs about 300,000.

3: Micromax

Revenues: Rs 2,289 crore (RS 22.89 billion). Micromax registered 42.9% growth compared to its revenues of Rs 1,602 crore (RS 16.02 billion) in 2009, 2010.Based Gurgaon, Micromax has 23 national offices around the country and with international offices in Hong Kong, USA, Dubai and the largest developed Nepal.Micromax The third phone provider in India on 31 March 2010.

4: BlackBerry

Revenues: Rs 1,950 crore (RS 19.5 billion). BlackBerry increase recorded 61.2 percent over revenues of Rs 1,210 crore (RS 12.1 billion) in 2009, 2010.Designed Canadian company Research In Motion and BlackBerry phones have a personal digital assistant and a portable media player.BlackBerry commands 14.8 percent of Worldwide smartphone sales.

5: LG

Revenues: Rs 1,834 crore (RS 18.34 billion). LG recorded growth of 14.6 percent over sales of Rs 1600 (RS 16 billion) in 2009, is 2010.LG Corp. the second-largest South Korean conglomerate company is headquartered in Seoul. LG manufactures electronics, chemicals and telecommunications products and operates subsidiaries like LG Electronics, LG Display, LG Chem and LG Telecom for more than 80 countries.

6: G'Five

Revenues: Rs 1,326 crore (RS 13.26 billion). Registered a growth of 75.6 percent over G'Five turnover of Rs 755 crore (RS 7.55 billion) in 2009, 1010.G "Five is a consumer electronics company based in the People's Republic of China. Founded in 2003, G'Five focus on international markets especially new markets.Its products are sold primarily in South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America.

7: Carbon

Revenues: Rs 1,004 crore (RS 10.04 billion). Carbon registered 25.5 percent growth in turnover of Rs 800 crore (RS 8000000000) 2009 2010.Karbonn-Mobile, which was founded in March 2009, is a joint venture between the Bangalore-based United Telecom Links Limited based in Noida and Jaina Marketing & Associates .

8: Spice

Revenues: Rs 920 crore (RS 9.2 billion). Spice registered a negative growth of 11.5 percent of their income in Rs 1,040 crore (RS 10.4 billion) in 2009, is part of Spice Mobiles 2010.Spice Tele Ventures, $ 2 billion Spice telecom vertical diverse global group in India and sold nearly 1.5 million quarter.The the mobile company with 25 models of mobile phones is the first Indian manufacturer to begin production of its local Baddi Himachal Pradesh has March 2010.Spice Mobile also increased their presence outside India to enter Bangladesh and Nepal, he plans Now go into the African market.

9: Maxx

Revenues: Rs 745 crore (RS 7.45 billion). Maxx registered a growth of 44.9 per cent of its turnover of Rs 514 crore (RS 5.14 billion) in 2009, was 2010.Maxx Mobile Communications Limited incorporated on 1 January 2004 under the leadership of the company Ajjay Agarwal.The manufacturing plant located in Haridwar, has Uttarakhand.The company has developed an extensive network of dealers and distributors all over India.

10: Sony Ericsson

Revenues: Rs 690 crore (RS 6.9 billion). Sony Ericsson recorded a growth of 16.9 per cent of its turnover of Rs 590 crore (RS 5.9 billion) in 2009, is 2010.Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, a joint venture with Japanese consumer electronics company Sony Corporation and Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson to produce mobile phones.The company was founded in the 1 October 2001.The company's global leadership in Hammersmith, London, and it has R & D team in Lund, Tokyo, Mexico City, Beijing, and Redwood Shores, USA.

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