Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nicolas Cage Speaks on National Treasure 3

National Treasure 3
Hindu temple in southern India has been the motherlode.

Eleven Arab wealth at the top of archaeologists reported Padmanabhaswamy Temple open, according to AFP. The treasure has been found in at least 5 vaults.

Temple, which is usually the country's southern Kerala state, its statues, known to man is near. MSNBC reports that the foundation for the tower, containing a treasure, was laid in 1566.

Therefore, the authors used the National Treasurefranchise to pen the third installment.
Nicolas Cage in Bangkok Dangerous and we have already reviewed and we were not impressed.

National Treasure 3
Apparently, devotees have been donating to the temple for centuries. Among the treasure in the find was what archeologists described to be an 18-foot necklace. Other pieces have included gold, silver, coins, and precious stones.

However, the best may have been saved for last. According to the AFP, researchers are yet to have opened one secret chamber that hasn't been opened in 140 years.

The exact value of the treasure will be determined after archeologists take a closer look at the find.

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