Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Now Engg Student Get Admition By SMS in Andhra Engg colleges

Students lure of free books and fee concessions to fill vacancies. "No entrance fee, no library charges and free transportation from your doorstep to the College Please admit your church in a technical branch of your choice under the management quota fee set by the government." - SMSes this type of flooding in mobile phones for the elderly engineer candidate Andhra Pradesh.While cut-off percentages of Delhi University has hit 100 percent in some cases, the opposite of Andhra Pradesh, where hundreds of technical colleges are now desperate aspirants pursuing, trying to fill up the seats.

Students - and parents - have never had it so good. Private technical colleges, almost begged her parents to admit their children in institutions incentives fast.Hefty flying thick and offer educational discounts. Some colleges also offer special tax waiver, while others hang free books and notebooks free laptops.The reasons: the drought of candidates, which threatens the existence of a number of private technical colleges.After wave of students began to migrate to the United States and the boom in tech jobs in 1990 was a virtual explosion in the number of technical colleges state.There is now a staggering 640, with as many seats on offer for three lakh.

But the number of students who managed to get an engineer from the entrance through the state government this year, only 2.03 lakh seats lakh.This almost begging to go, the worse year.What, All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), which controls the apex body for technical education in the country has tentatively approved the creation of another 40,000 to 50,000 seats this year, various branches of some famous - and demand - has technical colleges once again a big question mark over state.This Many of the newer colleges, most of which is not known for its academic excellence.Students likely to opt for better higher education admissions reputation and good practice to record, observers say. "This will result in a shortage of hospital admissions in the newly established technical colleges that are still struggling to make a mark for itself," lamented a correspondent recentlyfounded engineering colleges in Nalgonda district.

If the AICTE gives final approval to increase the number of seats "best" colleges, the total number of vacancies in engineering colleges even go up to 1.5 lakh.Every private engineering colleges are allowed to perform up to 30 percent of its management quota seats to fetch at least Rs 70,000 a year for every student, regardless of whether a student qualifies for the entrance test or not.This is established by the Government of Rs 30,000 for students who are allowed to vote according to the process of adopting a centralized entrance test . "Of a total of three lakh seats, the nearly 2.1 lakh seats must be met for students in the government quota. But the number of students who have qualified the entrance test in itself is 2.03 lakh. If the government does not have a full quota, quota management, which is a asked to fill out? "Private technical colleges under the Government's official quota asked.Even not all students end up actually being colleges.Last years, almost 40 000 students who qualified engineering entrance test, in fact, do not join because they could not , of course, your choice.Many or students now prefer to be a regular basic undergraduate courses rather than an engineering program, who do not have much value as a result, many engineers work market.As college management has become virtually bankrupt, so much so that they not even able to pay salaries to its faculty.

This explains the frantic hard to sell now will try to attract students. "Most of these private colleges which fail to attract students from rural areas where there are technical and infrastructure," said an official of AP State Council of Higher Education, the central authority admissions in technical colleges.Till last year, managed the private technical colleges to survive because the late fee reimbursement for students YS Rajasekhara Reddy government is weaker sections.This in the plan rules tightened, making it mandatory for students to provide details of Aadhar card - the unique ID (UID), the central government strictly government.The UID of the project to all citizens as various welfare schemes implemented by the state government to reach only the real beneficiaries.With requires a copy of the UID of the card, many of the students, no one has picked out a college official said.

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