Friday, July 8, 2011

Salman Khan to shoot with a real tiger!

Salman Khan to shoot with a real tiger!
The buzz surrounding Salman Khan and his upcoming film Sher Khan is that Sallu will eventually be shooting for the film with a real tiger.

Since the film touches upon the subject of wild life and the poaching of animals, it will be shot in the forests of Thailand with real animals. Sohail will also rely on visual effects and animatronics for many scenes.
Sohail Khan explains that a trained tiger will be hired for many scenes with Salman Khan. For the shots that require Salman’s close-up with the tiger, special effects will be used to create the tiger. For wide-angle shots, the real tiger will be used.
So far only the first draft of the film’s script is ready. Sohail says work is now underway on the storyboard after which he will take the call if the film should be made in 3D, as proposed, or not.
However, before beginning to shoot the film, Salman Khan will have to take special lessons from expert animal trainers in Thailand. After all, being with a tiger is no easy task, even for a spunky fellow like Salman.
Though it’s still time for the film to go on the floors, it’s worth one’s while to imagine Salman and a tiger face-to-face, staring into each other’s eyes. Who will blink first? Make a guess.

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