Friday, July 8, 2011

The Story of Ireland And The Condom

The condom in one variety or another has been utilized for centuries. However that has not been the situation for the people of Ireland. It wasn’t until the early nineties that the condom become readily available where before that acquiring condoms was a real problem.
In this day and age this feels outrageous however it was in truth how things were. The reason why it had been so hard to acquire access to condoms was needless to say due to the Catholic Church’s opposition to not just condom use but all types of contraceptive. The church’s domination over the employment of contraception was a liberty taken following the introduction of the Irish Free State. From here the Church set about addressing sexual values as it saw it throughout Ireland.
The trade of condoms was banned 1935. In the Criminal Law Amendment Act the import or sale of contraception in Ireland became against the law. Many men and women spoke out including those in the healthcare profession requested a change on these rules but in 1968 it had been only furthermore bolstered when Pope Paul VI issued Humanae Vitae which prohibited Catholics from using any form of contraception after which it seemed to be clear the Church and its view on condoms along with other types of contraception would definitely hold firm.

After this the men and women of Ireland set about making their thoughts known. Demonstration groups began to show up all over Ireland. Most notably were several Irish women’s rights protesters. In 1971 they embarked North to Belfast where condoms had been openly obtainable and delivered a huge consignment of condoms back across the border. They famously challenged the customs officers at the border to arrest them for this breach but the authorities backed down.
It was not till years later that condoms and other forms of birth control were legalised nevertheless it was still heavily regulated and condoms could only be obtained at a pharmacist once you presented a doctor’s prescription. The truth is this did not help much as this meant that condoms becoming very costly and as a consequence unaccessible to many in Ireland.
The requirement of a doctor’s prescription was removed in 1985 however, you needed to be over 18 to purchase condoms. Surprisingly you were able to get married at the age of 16. By 1993 the age limit for the acquisition of condoms and the stores from where condoms could be offered for sale was removed.
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Ireland has come a long way. In a survey carried out by the Irish Contraception and Crisis Pregnancy (1994) it was shown that 55% of the general population used condoms as their contraceptive of preference. 79% of those questioned disagreed that it was the role of the man to make certain contraception was utilized routinely and only 17% found the idea of purchasing condoms awkward.
In polls conducted at Durex were clear winners as the countries favourite manufacturer with over 30% proclaiming that Durex Pleasuremax condoms were their favourite Durex brand with Durex Extra Safe coming in next with over 20%.
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