Friday, July 8, 2011

Zareen Khan sweating out to lose some more weight

Zareen Khan
Zareen Khan, who is already on weight-losing spree is working hard on toning her body further. Not many know that Zareen weighed a 100 kgs, not so long back and today she has managed to shed almost half of the puppy fat.
And at 57 she credits regular sessions to the gym and a fabulous trainer for the lost weight. Zareen says that of all the exercises, pilates helped her shed the excess kilos the most.
Zareen has also been signed on for Housefull 2, in which she will have to flaunt her curves and sources say that she is working very hard to tone her body even further.
“It’s like a military boot camp,” says Zareen talking about her exercise regimen adding “Every morning, I do pilates for an hour and weight training thrice a week.” Of course, she’s had to make some more sacrifices to get to her current figure. And top of the list was looking away from some of her favourites dishes that were dripping with excessive calories.
“Sweets and fried foods are a strict no-no for me now,” says Zareen for whom swimming and jogging also constitute as a part of her daily routine. But the actress says that starving will not help anyone achieve an ideal body and that she eats every two hours to increase her metabolic rate.
“It’s difficult to follow all these dos and don’ts and keep up with the schedule religiously but the results have really encouraged me to not give up,” says Zareen adding that “in the next few months the results will be even more visible and flattering.”

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