Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sony Vaio Laptop Recall: 2010 F and C Series

Sony Vaio Laptop Recall: 2010 F and C Series
Sony has announced a recall on their Vaio C and C series laptops due to an overheating problem. However, the company has said that there is software available on their website that could solve the issue. The idea that your laptop could overheat is not good; this could cause serious damage and could burnout the device.
The overheating problem is a result of its internal temperature management system. If the Sony Vaio F11 and CW2 series laptops were to overheat then the keyboard along with the casing could deform, the laptop could also overheat and burn the user.

BBC News reports that Sony commented saying that this is not a recall as such because the issue can be fixed with a firmware update. It is said that 5,35,000 are affected by this problem, which included models from the Asia, Japan, UK and the U.S.

We all know how laptops are at risk from overheating, I write on a MacBook Air – we all know how hot these things run. For the software update visit Sony’s website.

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