Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Volvo V70 T6 R-Design by Heico tuning

Volvo V70 T6 R-Design by Heico tuning
How much money can you justify to tow the kids around, do the shopping and take the dog to the park ? Well if its in the region of $86,000 then your in luck. Tuning company Heico Sportiv have had a play with Volvo’s hyper estate the V70 T6 R-Design.
According to Autoblog only 100 cars will be produced and all in metallic sapphire black, sitting on 19-inch five-spoke alloys. To aid the cars handling the suspension has been treated to an upgrade dropping the body by 30 mm, whilst out the back sits a sports exhaust to add that all important rumble. On the inside sports seats are swaddled in leather and all trim pieces are coated in a matte metal finish to match the exterior.

Its not just a lesson in dressing up an already quick car either. Heico Sportiv have also got the spanners out and re-tuned the six cylinder turbocharged lump, upping its output from 304 horsepower to 330. This gives a 0-62 time of 5.9 seconds which in anyone’s book is pretty quick.
Unfortunately the price tag is the real killer for this performance load lugger. For around the same cash you could be hitting 62 in 5.2 seconds, and pushing out 429 horsepower from your Audi S6 Avant. Or even saving some of your hard earned and picking up the excellent BMW535i SE Touring at under $59,000. So where would your money go ?

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