Monday, July 26, 2010

Leaked US intel on Pakistan inconclusive

 US intel Pakistan

Cluster of fabric recognized to the extinction of fuel Wiki leaks place accusations lengthy Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) as 2004, carrying arms, taught plus finance Taliban, in malice of the coalition with Islamabad the war is a new year long.

Leave by to Deer Spiegel, The protector and the novel York era website, dozens of records that is report is amazing to understand script on a diversity of strange reason, which were orchestrate by agent of the ISI.

Protector plus the New York Times website, many files that appear to be sensational to read on a variety of strange reasons, which were orchestrate by agent of the ISI.

April 2007, for instance, supposed one thousand protectors ISI send Jalaluddin Haqqani motorcycles, head of the Taliban and Al Qaeda linked Haqqani base in Pakistan, to get absent suicide attack in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has open major operation next to the Taliban penalty, still although U.S. establishment contain long call for direct action on the Afghan Taliban and Haqqani.

Pakistani psychoanalysts Hasan Askari safety dismiss the leak as outdated plus in stroke with the deed in Afghanistan, anywhere Pakistani ISI encourage hate, plus the home following scene in America.

"The group that desire to put force on the present U.S. management is at the rear this report. Entrance entry anti-Obama releases this information on this stage since its midterm elections in the united state."

The guard quote a preceding older bureaucrat in the U.S., maxim such information at earth height has be careful as a combination of "rumor plus garbage and use inside arrange."

A person's name that come into sight often Hamid Gul, boss of the 1989 ISI 1987. In the middle of other possessions, accuse him of trafficking mines in Afghanistan to gust up NATO troop plus intended to abduct UN employees.

"The account is opposing since it contain allegation that officials have contradicted themselves.

The joint States has extended supposed that ISI live a twice game Pakistan is a shut friend of the Taliban government in 1996-2001 plus is supposed to have reserved living the relations to get ready for the prospect at what occasion U.S. troops remove.

"The equilibrium has to act determinedly next to Al Qaeda plus its radical connections, he supposed

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