Thursday, July 22, 2010

Palestinian shot dead in West Bank by Israeli soldiers

Palestinian shot

The man is killing Thursday morning in Barkan, West of the city of Nablus.

A speaker for the Israeli military carrying arms forces identified two Palestinian intruders, whom they hypothetical to be carrying arms.

Palestinian official accused Israel of escalating tension already running high in surplus of the move of the Palestinians believe is intended to get bigger Israeli manage over the region.

Palestinian administration orator Ghassan Khatib called for an autonomous investigation of the murder of cousins Qawariq Mohammed and Saleh Qawariq on Sunday, citing eyewitness reports they were shot following life form under arrest.

Behind Wednesday confirmed the general manager of crisis Services in Gaza, Muawiya Hassanein, plus the two Palestinians plus wounded six others in an Israeli weaponry bombardment on Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza Strip. He described the state of affairs of three of the upset as critical, addition the deceased was Mohammed Hatem Saber Kafarneh, 23, and Kassem Kamal Shin Bari, 19

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