Sunday, February 6, 2011

Morning sex is better for your Health

Morning sex

To date it is considered good breakfast the morning you fresh day - fresh places. On a U.S. research scientist and sex counselor Dr. Debbie Herbenik said the day - morning sex the most beneficial for health. According to Dr. Debbie, people understand that the beginning of the morning with a cup of good tea remains great. But, should start the day with a morning sex, his health will be more than good.

Because he told it to do so during the day to get the chemicals from the body, they give you far more satisfaction and to please you with it - even with a healthy do. Another American Sex Advisor Jane Greener said in the morning is too early for all the work. So the sex act is in a hurry, so much faster than through physical activity a way as an exercise to help.

Dr. Debbie in favor of his research also cited the research of University of Belfast. In the research it was found that three days a week from any kind of sex when the risk of stroke remains half. Another study in 2009 was quoted as saying that by doing so he said the fertility of both men and women is growing too.

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