Friday, July 8, 2011

Get rid of those love handles

Get rid of those love handles
Yes, their name is very deceptive. Anatomically they are known as obliques. No one should be sporting love handles, simply because they look ugly.
Love handles are nothing but a roll or a layer of fat that gets stored on the sides of the waistline. This spilling tyre of body fat can be embarrassing and tricky to get rid off, and is a very common problem area for many people's physique.
Love handles also pose several health risks. People who have love handles are overweight and have excess of abdominal fat. This unhealthy combination of being overweight and excess abdominal fat make one prone to a higher risk of Type 2 diabetes. Also, blood pressure, hypertension and heart-related diseases. Here are some ways how you can get of them:
Trunk twist
Stand with your feet apart at about shoulder width. Twist and move your waist and upper body to face your left, keeping your legs intact. While twisting to the left, swing your arms to right. Next twist to your right and swing your arms to the left. Do 20 repetitions and gradually increase the number of sets.
Side bends
Stand straight with your legs apart at about shoulder width and the knees slightly bent. Lower your upper body sideways towards your left then slowly rise up and then do the same towards your right side. Do 20 repetitions and gradually increase the number of sets.

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