Saturday, February 5, 2011

Today look real view of the sun

SUNAs the sun actually looks like big light bulb ,how looks like the surface of it? If you also want to know the answers to these questions, then do not delay. Today you get a chance to familiarize yourselves with the sun being.

U.S. space agency NASA on Sunday February 6, according to the time the evening at one-half the sun's surface and atmosphere will present the full view. The first is to try it, that no one NASA website / stereo to view online.

The front and back of the sun during the two together may be seen. According to NASA, this space will find great success in making predictions about the weather. When it will be known about its impact on Earth.

NASA Solar Terrestrial Relations Abjvetry Njharoan these two (stereo) Spacecraft will present. Both Spacecraft exactly two opposite directions are located in the sun. Ie their distance from each other 180 degrees. Oarbit where the earth is further, while the other is behind.

Stereo was launched in October 2006 due to the earth from the sun's energy and matter flow monitor. Moreover, this sun - the earth's systems also show remarkable and unique Njhare. The mission of the sun for the first time in 2007, 3D (three dimensions) was inspected.

The sun coming out from the Twins in 2009 Spacecraft dangerous 3-D structure of matter was introduced. The effect of matter on earth communication, navigation, satellite and power grid at risk of failure. The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Spacecraft Laiberatarie created by and see the same mission operations.

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