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Odhani Rang Badalti Jaaye 12th April 2011 Written Update

*rubs her hands excitedly* Khanak is shown walking in a dark romantic candle lit room wearing the red (sexy) lahenga that Shaan gave to her and blushing profusely. Her hair is loose (and I think it's her real hair for a change. You bet it is! Karan wouldn't want to shoot the second SR having to deal with Khanak's wig! How will he let his fingers flow through that silky hair of hers then! LOL) Romantic music in the background.

Shaan arrives and looks her up to down with a desperate expression on his face. (Lol kidding it is an expression that says "Gosh you look so beautiful Khanak!) His smile turns into a naughty one as Khanak further blushes and looks down (She looks so pretty why couldn't we have a second shaadi first! Hmph!). He walks up to her (actually behind her) and says to Khanak in his thoughts that she does not know what is going through him at this moment (I Know I know I know *raises hand excitedly*there is only one thing that goes on in that mind of yours Shaan! And you thank your lucky stars it's gonna happen tonight! ) and says that she does not know how beautiful she looks when she blushes like this and looks down. He keeps staring at her for ages and then says to Khanak in his thoughts (again) that she does not know how the lahenga's red colour has come onto her hands, does not know that when he touches her, what goes on in his heart. (Gosh!) He removes her hair to one side of the shoulder and Oh EMM Geeeee Khanak is wearing a backless (with doris but they don't cover much do they lol) and Shaan caresses her back with his right hand, making Khanak shiver and close her eyes. When Shaan's hands are done caressing her back and reach the bottom of it he grabs the ends of the doris slowly and ties them while Khanak's eyes are still closed. Shaan's expression is sensuous, Khanak jerks. Shaan moves closer (Yea baby!) , removes her hair from one side of the shoulder and kisses her neck/collar bone/shoulder( jo samajhna hain samjho LMAO). Khanak smiles and moves away, leaving Shaan flowing his fingers through Khanak's hair. (SEEE!!! I kneeeewwwww it!!! OMG I know Yasharan so well!)

Khanak goes and sits in front of the mirror while Shaan follows and stares at her from the mirror with a smile lingering on his face. He goes and picks up Khanak's paayal from the dressing table and again talks to Khanak in his thoughts saying she doesn't know that the sounds of her paayal make his heart beat rise and the sound of her footsteps makes his morning ! (DUDEEE controlll yaarrr! Btw the room looks super beautiful in red and brown)He sits at Khanak's feets and shows her the paayal. She brings her foot forward and Shaan makes her wear the paayal. (:O did I see Karan's finger caressing her foot there?!! Shocked) He picks up her bangles and talks to her in his thoughts and says that the sound of her bangles calls him to her and makes him desperate to touch her. (Dude just SAY all these things to her so that I don't have to write thoughts again and again urghh) He sits at her feet again and makes Khanak wear the bangles and holds her hand very tightly and kisses it, making Khanak blush and smile. He looks up and smiles at her. Now the wind is blowing really hard and Khanak's hair is flying across her face (which looks super romantic!) Khanak touches her bangles and smiles at Shaan. Shaan gets up and picks up the next set of bangles for her left hand and holds her hand, kisses it all over and then makes her wear the bangles and caresses her entire hand (Woaahhh some hot and romantic stuff at the same time?)he kisses her left hand again (phewww) and then proceeds to put on her necklace for her while her hair continues to fly.

Shaan sits behind her with a sensuous expression and kisses her neck/shoulder/collar bone (LMAO) and then envelopes her completely using his huge arms (Woahh what a goose bumper moment) Khanak smiles. Shaan looks at Khanak in the mirror and realizes something (maybe he forgot the second paayal lol) He goes to the dressing table and picks up Khanak's earrings and says to Khanak in his thoughts that she doesn't know how jealous he is of her earrings because they keep kissing her cheek all the time! (Wow nice dialogue never heard of this one before!) She doesn't know how his heart always wants him to come close to her, Shaan says to Khanak in his thoughts. He caresses Khanak's cheeks, Khanak smiles as Shaan puts on the earrings for her . they look at each other and Khanak blushes. Shaan gets up again (like seriously dude HOW many times have you got up?! Couldn't you just do this altogether and get to some action soon?!) and brings the Tikaa and puts it on Khanak's forehead and comes close to her while she seems content and happy. Shaan says to Khanak in his thoughts that she doesn't know how much this burthal loves him (awwwwwwwwwwww). He moves in front of Khanak and kisses her on her forehead and says "Khanak I love you!"

Shaan moves back folds his hands and looks at Khanak proudly while she blushes for the millionth time.

They both are standing and shaan comes close to her holds her face in his hands and kisses her forehead. OMGGGGG "In Lmahon Kay Daaman mainnnnnnnnn. Paakkeeezaannnnn say rishhhtayyyy hainnnnnn" plays in the background. (Gosh this is like my most favourite song of all time!!!) Shaan has the sindoor ki tikya in his hand and slowly applies sindoor in Khanak's maang as she closes her eyes, a lump forms in her throat (NOTE: Both are not smiling here. It is an intense moment!) After the moment is over Khanak gives a small smile and Shaan brings the Red Odhani from behind her head and places it as a ghoonghat on her head covering half her face. He moves closer and their noses touch. Shaan attempts to kiss her again. Khanak runs away (sighhhh gosh is this SR meant to kill us! Lol) Khanak hides behind hundreds of curtains (which appeared magically) and shaan looks for her as "Tun bhee hain munn bheee" plays in the background! Khanak appears to have lost him but Shaan grabs her from the back and makes her turn to face him.

Part 2

Meray Khawabon kay iss Gulistan Main

Tumsay hee toh Bahaar chayee hainnnn

Phoolon main rang meray thay laikin

Innn main Khushboo tumhee say ayyeee hain

Shaan and Khanak face each other and are very close the ghoonghat and curtain coming in the way. Shaan tries to kiss her again (through TWO barriers? Are you nuts shaan? Nahh you're just desperate and right now SO am i!) but Khanak runs away and stands near the bed facing away.Shaan comes up to her again and turns her around and makes her sit on the bed

Kyun hain yay aarzooo

Kyun hain yay justugooo

Kyun dil baichain hain

Kyun dil betaab hainn

Shaan stares at Khanak lovingly for the longest time and she looks down. Finally, he picks up her ghoonghat and rests the odhani on her head. Khanak looks up and she looks darn pretty. Shaan caresses her cheek and looks at her face as though he is searching for something (sighhh)

Ishq hain jaisay hawaaoon mainnnn

He lays her on the bed and kisses her/ seduces her/ makes love to her (Chose any you want lol)

(Phewwwww hogaya second SR! VERY beautiful I must say! Gosh very beautiful, magical! NO words spoken and still conveyed soo much love! *sighhh* This is Shanak for you guys! THIS is Shanak for you! Super happy!)

Part 3

Akshay goes to Khushboo and asks her what she wants to prove coming to office and that he has face a lot of embarrassment because of her. He says he apologizes to what he has done but to take back her office decision. Khushboo tells him that her face day was awesome. Akshay tells her about the harm she has done by coming to office giving various examples (which I will not in a hundred years write about after the Shanak scene I wrote right now! My mind is blank!) Khushboo is busy filing her nails while Akshay goes on and on. Khushboo tells him to relax and Akshay tells her that she is the reason for her stress. He says he will do anything but Khushboo keeps firm to her decision of going to office telling him his office Needs her LOL.

Renny walks into a room with candles lit and a cake on the table. She is alone and looking around. Just then Rahul comes and starts singing Congratulations for her. He asks her how the party was and she says she cancelled it. Rahul asks why and Renny says sarcastically that "someone" talked to her very nicely which freshened her mood. Rahul apologizes and tells her that he has decorated everything in such a nice way just for her. Renny does not look happy and leaves. Renny lectures him on how hurt she is and says that she wanted him to be a part of her celebrations.


Shaan has covered Khanak's eyes and taken her to a hill top. He yells "I Love you Khanak" and Khank turns away saying she is scared of heights. Shaan says nothing eill happen to her and to look at him. He keeps moving back and slips and falls down the hill top!(

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