Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Uttaran 12th April 2011 Written Update

Taps interrupts Veer-Ichcha and tells him she just wanted to check if Veer was ready. He tells her that he'll be ready in 2 mins. He tells a flustered Ichcha to not worry as they are husband and wife. He leaves. Nani comes to Ichcha's room, to reprimand Ichcha for talking back to Chanda. Ichcha explains that Chanda incited her and that she will not tolerate anything said against her mother. Later, Ichcha thinks that this time, she cannot let Taps use Veer.

Chanda is getting suitcases fixed and asks Nani if she needs any fixed. Nani replies that she's not going anywhere soon, but she remembers that Taps will need her suitcase when going to the hospital. Chanda tells her to get a servant to get the suitcase, and then sees Ichcha and tells her to go fetch it. While getting the suitcase, Ichcha sees the tag of the hotel and thinks that she is going to get to the end of this once and for all. End.

Precap: When Ichcha comes home, Dadaji, Mai, and Nani are all waiting for her and ask where she was.

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