Friday, June 24, 2011

14 Engineering Colleges in Karnataka To Get Rs 228 cr grants with World Bank aid

World Bank-supported project to improve the quality of technical education, where 14 engineering colleges in Karnataka would be Rs 228 crore assistance to promote research and innovation, was formally launched on Friday.

During the second phase of the state to improve the quality of technical education (TEQUIP), assisted by the World Bank, 14 engineering colleges get Rs 12.5 crore each.

Ten of them would make approval of the competition front, first-served basis, to create a multidisciplinary research excellence in certain areas and will receive an additional Rs five crore each.

The state would be the line Rs 228 crore 75% of the project supported by the World Bank, while the state government would contribute the rest.

State Government today signed a Memorandum of Understanding of 14 of these colleges TEQIP phase-2.

Higher Education Minister VS Acharya said the program is designed to significantly increase the membership of the Postgraduate engineering education and increase R & D and innovation projects and to improve the competence of teachers and non-project institutions, teacher education.

It would also support innovation by improving the management of national and institutional levels, and education and to steer the project towards a better quality of institutions and institutional effectiveness in achieving the objectives of the audit, says Acharya.

Phase II is a four-year period 2010-2014, according to officials.

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