Friday, June 24, 2011

Congress tells govt to stand firm against Team Anna

Congress Committee met in Delhi this evening, Bill Lokpal session devoted to conflict with the government's push activists and Gandhian Anna hazar has led to a quick start to the 16 new reported August.

Lokpal Bill - aimed at combating corruption among politicians and bureaucrats - have been described as a "betrayal of India" Mr. Hazare.Kongressi day said it supports the government's bill. Is this a new Bill should include the Prime Minister's office was not discussed, although it has changed the title Lokpal controversy. "No government should not give in to pressure from anyone" was to participate in the Congress.

Mr. hazar received the committee, which was to draft Bill.Panel - which, together with five ministers and five activists - had such a massive difference that they have decided to submit two draft Bill arutamiseks.Kohtumise all third parties July, through both the draft.

Congress meeting today, informed the Home Minister P Chidambaram and Minister Pranab Mukherjee, who were both Lokpal Bill Drafting Committee person functions.

Preparation, team leader of the opposition LK Advani met Anna in the day to inform him of his draft. They want to Loklal - Ombudsman has 11 members - to investigate allegations of corruption against the PM, senior judges, and all is well bürokraadid.Valitsus PM this bill. Team Anna has also challenged the procedure recommended by the government in the selection and dismissal Lokpal liiget.Aktivistid government has allowed far too much influence on decision makers in these processes, which won the purpose of the Bill.

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