Friday, June 17, 2011

4 Sites to Download Rajasthani Songs

Rajsthani songs are mostly known as Marwari songs. Because these songs are originally Marwari songs but Marwari p[people are mostly in Rajasthan so I identify them as Rajasthani.

Most of the Indian people know about Dhirubhai Ambani and Laxmi Mittal, both are originally from Rajasthan.
Rajasthani Songs
If you search for Tamil songs there are plenty of songs to listen and download but for Rajasthan you will not find a good list.

4 sources I found where you can download Rajasthani or Marwari songs.

(1) Hamarabikaner

Hamarabikaner has a good collection of songs. There are 6 albums. You can play or direct download these songs.
(2) Babasongs

Babasongs is a small site for songs. I found a section for Rajasthani songs.

(3) Musicdhaba

Musicdhaba has a large collection of Rajasthani songs compering to other sources.

(4) Geetganga

Geetganga has a section for 10 Marwari songs.

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