Saturday, June 25, 2011

Anna Hazare Functioning Under Instigation Of BJP: V Narayanasamy

Anna Hazare
Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs V Narayanasamy todayclaimed that the social activist Anna hazar was acting under theinitiative of the BJP at a time when the Prime Minister had taken steps to combat corruption and Lokpal bill will be presented in the coming parliamentary session.

"Anna hazar acting at the request of the BJP, as seen by Annahazar BJP leader LK Advani group meeting yesterday," he toldreporters here.

He noted that the UPA government as part of efforts to combatcorruption has created 54 special courts across the country andplanned to establish 71 more than the opposite situation, when theBJP-led NDA was in power "if nothing was done to combatcorruption. "

"One can now see corruption thriving country and thereforedecided to BJP BJP has no right to talk about corruption," he said

With reference to the increase in cases of crimes against womenin Uttar Pradesh, he said law and order in the country was a "shambles" and demanded that Prime Minister Mayawati's efforts to ensure the protection of women in our country.

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