Friday, June 24, 2011

'Magic' locket in return for sexual favours?

'Magic' locket in return for sexual favours?

The desire to take control sometimes has strange ramifications. That is what a woman from Mayur Vihar found out the hard way. In her craving to gain control over her husband, she visited a tantrik who demanded sexual favours from her and when she refused, he tried to rape her. The victim somehow escaped from his clutches and approached the police on Wednesday afternoon. The tantrik has been arrested and an FIR against him lodged at Ranjit Nagar police station in central Delhi.

Working his magic
The accused has been identified as Harsh alias Baba -- a native of Muzzaffarpur in Uttar Pradesh. According to a police official, Baba was running his office from the basement in Ranjit Nagar's Maharaja Complex. The official said that the victim, Sandhya (name changed), lives in Mayur Vihar along with her husband Prem (name changed on request) who works with a multinational company and has extra-marital affairs. "Prem beat up his wife over petty issues. Sandhya was fed up with her husband and wanted to get rid of him anyhow. She got to know about Harsh Baba through an advertisement in a daily newspaper which claimed that he has magic powers to solve such marital problems and decided to contact Harsh," said the police official.

Pulling strings
Sandhya called up Harsh and discussed her problem. The tantrik assured her that he would teach her how to control her husband. He then called her to his office. "Harsh demanded Rs 2,700 in advance and asked her to prepare for a yagna near a cemetery near the Yamuna. He asked her to offer two goats as sacrifice." "On Wednesday, Harsh called her in his office once again. The accused then demanded sexual favour from Sandhya and told her that if she wants to gain control over her husband, it is necessary to have sex with him," said the police official.He said that only after that he will give her a 'magic' locket which her husband needs to wear for her to have complete control over him. Sandhya refused to have sex with him. Harsh then tried to rape her inside his office. Sandhya somehow escaped from his clutches and approached the cops, said the police official.

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