Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bruce Lee And Brandon Lee Death Curse

Brandon Lee, the famous martial arts star Bruce Lee's son, was shot and killed.There were similarities, leaving open the possibility of conspiracy. two major theories about the thought of foul play lend a hand.
Bruce Lee
Chinese Mafia, Triads theory theory and evidence and to Bruce and Brandon holding force through your link. Other theories have been considered as possible and are well proven. Too many "coincidences" on the set and during the investigation, the state that his death was an accident.

Bruce Lee, martial arts star, is pronounced dead on July 20, 1973. He admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, but died before arrival. All the details of his death remain unclear and somewhat covered up. , "Game of Death."The three went over the script and soon after, Chow left. Lee began to complain of a headache Tingpei Equagesuc him a shot (a super-aspirin), which was determined to have her.

Brandon Lee
Tingpei Chow called around 9:00 pm to ask why was he never showed up for dinner as planned. Tingpei Chow said he could not wake Lee. He did not and could revive the dead, the doctor concluded in the form of an edema (brain swelling). Why not have aroused Tingpei previously had for dinner as planned to meet? And he tried, and he does not, why could not she call the police right away? Most of all, he did not determine why some are willing to pay for it? These questions and many others make up less like Bruce Lee's death and the murder look like an accident.

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