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WWE Capitol Punishment 2011: Liveblog and Results

Join us at our WWE Capital Punishment Liveblog, where we have full results and play by play of the event because it takes place on the Cageside seats. Card headlining, R-Truth finally abusing fans and the conspiracy against him, accusing him of being a WWE Champion John Cena against WWE after the week is your shot. In addition, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton once again defended his title against Christian, and Alex Riley faces off against Miz. We recycled "dream sequence" where Obama has endured weeks of promo by WWE superstar was "interviewed" Let's hope it proves worthwhile! Here is the full card for the PPV tonight:

2011 Capital punishment for our live coverage of WWE that begins after the jump!

Capitol Punishment 2011

We are live! I was quite excited about my next WWE to liveblog, and here we are. Let's hope that tonight, despite an iffy card delivers!

Pre-recorded promo show against all the "conspiracy" on dishing R is true. Little Jimmies coming out of R-Truth's WWE Championship! Watch ... Does anyone really believe there is a slim chance that R-Truth wins tonight?

Kofi (c) Kingston vs USA Championship Dolph Ziggler:

Missed the first half of the match. My bad people! Ziggler the greater part of the match (which I see at least initially) was the aggressor. Plenty of counter, and an interesting cross body off the top rope to the back of Ziggler after finishing near Kingston. A series of counters led to a crisis (the end of Kingston's awesome new job, if you do not know), but manages to kick out of Ziggler. Continued on the front and rear, and the quality of the evening looking like the first game. Vickie Guerrero distracts Kingston, Ziggler comes back, takes the champion down, and puts him in a sleeper hold. Kofi struggle to get to the ropes, Ziggler kicks off the ropes and rolls in the middle of the ring, and says Kofi Ziggler sleep. Ziggler call it a submission to the referee, and we have a new United States Champion. Dolph Ziggler def. Kofi Kingston, becoming the new United States Champion.

R is true Backstage, Cena with the WWE Championship around parading. "No one knows who I am ..." Or so he says to Eve. Then he says he wants to win tonight is dedicated to all the little Jimmies.

Miz cut a promo on Alex Riley, feeling that he insulted if he can beat the relay is being said. All that was good for keeping your money in the bank briefcase, and that is to say, after he beats him, it's back to being a carrier bag can be. Miz and Alex Riley We cut to a segment of the result.

Miz vs. Alex Riley:

Miz start the match with briefcase, saying he just bagboy relay, the relay and the controversy about the attacks begin. Miz runs around the ring, is following the relay, the relay is on the job once they get back in the ring. Miz actually relay, which is not able to mount any form of crime that is going to take. It goes on for minutes, the relay is just getting owned. Finally, the relay Miz counters, the spears, and starts pounding away. Ringside Speaking to relay the call and say "You can do this with the man who nurtured you?" Riley tosses Cole announce table, Miz grabs the briefcase, the relay, hit the referee in the ring holding the case of the runs, and throws it out of the ring. Miz case is changing the face after losing the relay, she lands a jumping DDT, and 3 scores count. Alex Riley def. Miz

We head backstage and treated Sgt. Look like an Obama talking to slaughter. Vickie Guerrero "President" to the happy Father's Day (Happy tune) sings, and dragged away by secret service.

Del Rio / Big Show on a nice stretch it out to see how this attitude and del Rio Big Show WWE Championship in the near future to see the conflict "in any way changed," it would be nice to play with.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show:

Alberto Del Rio makes his entrance, but make your way down the ramp and jumped to the Big Show. Del Rio Ringside as they get saved in the crowd, but Big Show is having none of it works. Del Rio throws in the ring, Mark Henry shows up and starts tearing right into the show. Henry announced the world's strongest slam through the table puts the show together. Cruel. Del Rio called out in a ring count. Henry starts to walk off, but goes back and show car "accident" that works on the injured leg. Pain in the show, certainly is not going to be able to compete now. Del Rio argues with the referee starts the count on the outside, though not yet. At the end of the referee to count gets on the apron as the show begins, it counts in the 7 ... The match officially starts after that. Huh?

Del Rio early and often, and choke slams two live near the Big Show attacks the knee, a "cross-knee breaker" puts the show, but the show gets to the ropes. He is standing, but as it moves toward Del Rio, he fell. Match referee calls, the show can not defend themselves. Alberto Del Rio, def. Big Show

R-Truth a "polite" way, assured that he will beat Cena tonight.

Promo Wade Barret, Capitol bashing, says the city needs a king or queen. "Weiner" scandal, and touching on the national debt. Dead crowd looks incredible. USA chant starts, and soon dies.

Wade (c) Barret vs. Ezekial Jackson for the WWE Intercontinental Championship:

If you see either of the two previous games, you looked like the match is a very good idea. Occasional "USA" chant ringing out crowd, and even in the middle of a match chant "We want riders." Jackson slams the series leads to the torture rack, and Barret tap. After the match, Lawler Jackson gives the mic, ask him how it feels to be the new Intercontinental Champion, he says he has to show the world that what matters to him, Liberty, and is the embodiment of domination. Ezekial Jackson def. Wade Barret, becoming the new WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Santino "President" of the talks, he tries to show his Cobra. Ha.

CM Punk cut a promo, he and all the politicians in Washington that he says is the difference between honest. Says, after he beats Rey Mysterio, WWE has ever seen the most honest thing is happening ...?

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio:

Many pro-punk punk crowd, and his face in the crowd with a smirk looks Mysterio, and get to work. Great match as we are about five minutes, back and forth, but plenty of the edge belongs to a certain punk. Submissions have worked very punk, show his toughness battling Mysterio out of submission holds. Mysterio eventually counter, throw the ring, Punk, Punk off the ropes which had Ringside landing a backflip. It back in the ring, and a flying headbutt from the top rope as Mysterio continues his attack, but can not remove the mud. Punk counters with a backdrop from the top rope and Mysterio attempted the top rope, Punk could not get the 3 count. Mysterio in the corner, a flying knee in the corner Punk tosses Mysterio, landing and after a driving it for the shoulder, but Mysterio gets out of the way, and Punk is in the corner office. Mysterio lands an awesome 619 in the corner, Punk gets out of the ring, Mysterio gets him back in the ring, but Punk manages to kick out. Shortly after, a great and finished near the back and forth, and it is easily the best match of the night thus far. Sleep comes to an end after the match Punk, Mysterio counters seem to go, 619, Punk goes for the duck, Ray catches and sleep, and score 3 is counted. Excellent. CM Punk def. Rey Mysterio

To see this little punk "WWE the most honest thing in the Universe" was curious what. Randy Orton and Christian seems like there are next. Smooth stretch feud / Orton is now for the Christian.

Randy (c) vs Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Christian:

A little more physical than the Christian frame of their match against "intense" with search matches. Christian by getting every major offensive to try to combat moves quickly. Christian nation is managing the attacks, Orton heads are focusing on the impact of the announce booth thinking they can get on with champions. As the match wears on, Orton is evident, being slow, and caused a bit. Orton still pushing though, landing a few good slams. Big suplex off the top rope Orton leads to a near collapse. Awesome slam by Orton, still can not finish. It's close to finish and start counters. After a near collapse, Christian goes for the spear, Orton Christian comes up, RKO goes for Christianity, it slams to the mat area, and stands Orton, Christian spear nails. To fall! Another great showing by both. Christian from the top rope, Orton to knock him down, Orton jumps behind the Christian-run, a surprise RKO from Orton Christian and land somewhere in the back up, and covers for the win! Randy Orton def. Christian, retaining the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

After the match, Cole says that the Christian foot rope, which was under a rope will break. Alas, Lawler and Booker dismiss it. Oh yes, Orton with the belt off Christian as he had complained to the referee. Fun.

Bella Twins Keith Stone, Keystone Light beer commercial come out with friends. He is carrying a case of Keystone Light. PG? Huh? So lost. Now R-Truth/Cena ... Lead to a "bonus charms"?

Jack swagger vs Evan Bourne:

Evan Bourne for the most part take a beating, sometimes pulling off a slick counter, only to be much larger re-caught by Jack officer.Roll up, and gets the three count. Treated like a match before the main event. Evan Bourne def. Jack Officer

Obama comes out as the eye and gives a speech. Crowd, "What?" 'All the way through the speech, and he has brought boos Cena. Obama look-alike is like saying Joe Biden to WWE R truth, know what he is saying, but it is a hoot. The crowd seems dead when "Obama" says "you are ready for the main event?" Ouch. Booker T "Obama" is off and invited him down to the ring ... Ask him if he can spinarooni. Jeeze ... Yes, he stopped "Barackarooni" pulled. Nice.

Sew true under R for real now.

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