Thursday, June 30, 2011

Delhi Belly Movie Review | Delhi Belly Music Review | Delhi Belly Wallpaper

Delhi Belly Movie
An American Jewish woman many years ago, I was surprised when I said that as a teenager in India, mother Woody Allen [Images] for the Annie Hall [Images] was looking and I found the film very funny. He was amazed about how to make the film, Oscar Winner - New York Comedy - Mother's can display information such as when Diane Keaton [Images] is an order of mayonnaise on white bread, pastrami. I learned from Jewish tradition, the pastrami on rye bread to be eaten with mustard.

I have also learned of humor, is specific to culture and age. Humor may be wise. I live in New York, I admired and learned of Allen's films and the micro used pedasamanthi. And humor can be smart. Michael Winterbottom find new Mother exceptionally clever and witty, laced with sadness of the trip. Slapstick comedy works with large audiences, though usually not with me. My favorite - - but then I bump into the theater when stressed out (Fairuza mother in Cameron Crowe Almost balk) laugh or (overweight Cyrus Broacha [Images] in D Krishna Raj mother Nidimoru and 99), or electric poles Letters to the walls was a fish called Wanda, while Michael Palin teriyarsa mother is accidentally killed one of three Yorkshire!
On the whole, Delhi Belly, a ground - breaking and innovative comic caper is targeted at young brigade. Shameless people, dirty and hatred can be exploited with the language, in fact, it is strictly moral man or not for purists. Bailey is a strong appetite for an adult comedy, and cuss words. His wittiness you dazed and amazed. Hinglish version I've seen, but I explained that the Hindi film is so effective that it makes you speechless. Finally, the Delhi belly of the time, mainly because the film, a film that is incredibly strong in unused and Pierce for a new mountain, in a pioneering work. This flawless, super chartbusting music with racy performance and script all the way to score a winner.

Delhi Belly is a smart, crazy, crazy as a production that is almost comical - if more than 20 comedy - and maybe something like 30 - some public school educated, English speaking, larger target audience through the film to video preview is likely to appeal to the playful songs. actors.

Quirky is the new cool. His next film Delhi Belly, Aamir Khan blejhinga marketing of guns. The film was directed by God, and the acting is promoted as an edgy comedy. As far as the soundtrack, the music director Ram Sampath (khaki, the end of love, nodiflora 'Mehengai Daayan' live songs) and lyricist Amitabh (Dev D, plane, no one killed Jessica) Bhattacharya, with great a platoon for a year so far this album seems to have the most fun! Soundtrack makes no pretense of Delhi Belly. Sometimes it can be weird and stupid is what you can and it is Mother Earth. Here are my favorite summer albums.

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