Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Microsoft Office 365 for Professionals suite announced

Microsoft Office
Microsoft has just announced its Office 365 for Professionals suite, upping the online Office ante in the process. This is more or less a revamped version of what used to be the Business Productivity Online Suite, where the package will ship in two different forms that are more than willing to let you save and share your work, never mind if they are personal letters or other more important, work-related matters. The first among the two was specially designed for professionals and smaller businesses, providing access to online community support, sporting a month to month subscription and Office Web Apps, where it will cost you £4 monthly in fees.

As for those who feel that they can afford more, the more expensive offering will target medium sized businesses, where it will be accompanied by a proper IT configuration, and of course, Office Professional Plus, helping make it up to date so that you won’t fall behind competitively compared to your rivals. With round the clock admin support, you can opt between either pay per month of yearly contracts.
Business class security is a given with either choice, not to mention an easy-to-manage backend that will certainly make folks who have little IT experience smile. Current subscribers to the Business Productivity Online Suite will be able to see their accounts upgraded to the new system in due time, so remain patient.

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