Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sachin replaces Ferrari with a Nissan GTR: Reports

Sachin Tendulkar may have sold his Ferrari 360, but it is not without a great car. According to sources, news, Sachin has already replaced his rearing horse 530, Nissan GTR, 530 horsepower, four-wheel drive.

Although car enthusiasts claim that Sachin may have decided not to disclose his Ferrari, because it is unfit to drive a car with low ground clearance made ​​way for Mumbai, while others are not so enthusiastic about his latest purchase, which they say does not can be compared with a snob value attached to a thin Ferrari.

Master blaster though, allegedly, had already taken delivery of its Nissan week tagasi.Times of India quoted Arabian Automobiles in Dubai, where the car was purchased, said that two engineers were flown with the auto tune on Sachin wants.

The day was also a close friend to confirm the purchase. "Sachin is pleased with the arrival of your new car."

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