Monday, June 27, 2011

Shawn Michaels & Bret Hart To Revisit WWE Montreal Screwjob

Shawn Michaels
The WWE will be producing what could be one of the most fascinating DVDs in company history. Reports indicate that one of the most infamous wrestling stories will be revisited with the two principal parties facing off for the first time ever on WWE home video.

Dave Meltzer and several others report that Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels will sit down for a ground breaking DVD at WWE headquarters. According to several reports, the two former WWE champions will face off and talk about their lengthy rivalry from the Rockers vs. the Hart Foundation all the way up to and including the Montreal Screwjob. Yes, it lives again!

Meltzer wrote in this week's Wrestling Observer newsletter - "Another project they were working on was a DVD where Michaels and Bret Hart would get together in two chairs next to each other and discuss their careers and everything leading to Montreal."

I’ve gotten more emails and Tweets @JRsBBQ about this topic than any individual top in years. Some of the questions are so embarrassingly bad that I’ve deleted then to protect the innocent. Every thing to what the guys were wearing to what they had for breakfast to whether or not their answers were all scripted to if they physically fought on the set.

The interview was real. The answers were real. They did not know the questions that I was going to ask ahead of time. Their reactions were real. I realize that because of the genre that there will be doubters but when one sees the finished product I think all concerns about realism and honesty will be alleviated. Plus, this project wasn’t solely about ‘Montreal’ even though the ’97 Survivor Series was throughly addressed.

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