Friday, June 17, 2011

We don't touch luxury cars, say traffic cops

We don't touch luxury cars, say traffic cops

Ahmedabad: In February, the Audi Q7 car theft to monitoring the state highways under a cloud.Man driving 80 million - Car Questions Fit plate number.

Padhiyar city Crime Branch officials on Thursday tracked down and seized the car. Padhiyar investigators suspect that the car was trying to contact potential buyers. A stolen car, without a registration number in the state without raising an eye brow to be caught red-faced ply state police, especially since the state is high on the hit list of terrorist organizations.

The problem is more deep rooted than just an oversight. Padhiyar stolen police car in free run is a wonder. State police officials say they are usually for security checks on a Czech high-end, luxury cars should stop.just moved on. " Said a city police traffic branch. Senior police officials also admitted that every day at least two to three traffic signals received calls requesting their intervention.

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