Sunday, July 10, 2011

35 Dead in derailed in up at Kolka Express

Kolka Express

New Delhi: Thirty-five confirmed dead and around 100 injured when the Howrah-Delhi-Kalka Express derailed near Fatehpur Malwa in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday. The incident took place around 12:30.

Reports say that 13 bogies derailed and more than 100 passengers were injured. About 1200 people went aboard Kalka Mail.

Kolka Express

The train from Howrah to New Delhi and moving with the speed of 108 km / h when the driver uses the emergency brake to slow it down, leading to the derailment, said sources.

Local sources confirmed that gas-cutters arrived at the scene of the accident site and the mangled bogies were cut open to take out the wounded.

Thirteen bogies are heavily injured, sources said, while the three bogies capsized. The heavily damaged bogies - AC 3 tier three cars, a pantry car, five cars and two sleeping cars overall.

The engineer said that among the wounded. Reports also claim that the count of victims will increase, since some bogies is not cut to the rescue effort.

Ministry of Railways has announced a compensation of RS 5 lakh for relatives of the dead, RS 1 lakh for those seriously injured and Rs 25,000 for those with minor injuries.

The train was used by Malwa station when its engine was derailed bogies and 12, sources said. The wounded were brought to the Fatehpur District Hospital.

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