Sunday, July 10, 2011

Apple and Microsoft Trying to kill Android by patent consortium

Apple and Microsoft

Ad-hoc group patent, which offered $ 4.5 billion for bankrupt Nortel Networks 0000 '6 patents are anti-trust control for possible conspiracy to keep technology from Google links.

Nortel June 30 patents were sold to Rockstar LP Bidco, a consortium of Apple , Microsoft , Research In Motion , Sony, EMC and Ericsson.

Apple and Microsoft

The sale was a blow to Google, which started the bidding process by offering nine hundred million U.S. dollars for Nortel patents back in April. Google wanted the bad patent patents on its Android mobile operating system to protect against ever more lawsuits from Apple, Microsoft and others who are trying to compete with open-source platform.

The American Antitrust Institute sent a letter to the Justice Department antitrust officials asking for an investigation into the sale beginning on July 11, which is when the courts in Canada and the U.S. is expected to approve or turn down the deal.

AAI noted that $ 4.5 billion purchase price is five times what Google offered in the auction bid, the question of why the consortium members could not act alone increases start.

AAI mainly pointed to Apple, RIM and Microsft, all of the smartphone software, and each already owns large portfolio of wireless technology patents.

"Why, in this light, a horizontal cooperation between them (along with three others with strong portfolios and their own) would be allowed with respect to Nortel's portfolio, especially in the absence of a transparent protection against anti-competitive effects of who? "AAI noted.

"Three closest competitors' shared control more than 6,000 patents certainly at a minimum creates a substantial risk of spillover collusion, tacit or otherwise."

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  1. Microsoft is a distant 3rd in the smartphone business, but such a move would be good for both parties.